Talk to Someone Who Can Help You

Many people find it difficult or uncomfortable to ask for help, but it's important that you do. Take the first step. If you let people know, they can help.  CPA wants you to know:



  • It's never too late to get help

  • No problem is too big or too small

  • Talk to a professional who cares and will listen

  • Talk to a professional who can give you feedback  and direction

  • Talk to a professional who has experience with your type of problem and has helped many others in your similar situation

  • Talk to a professional who can help you, a family member, your child or your friend

Millions of Americans who have received help from psychological treatment would say that it is one of the best investments they've made, in terms of improving their lives.

Getting help now can help you to feel better sooner.  Research shows that the sooner you get help, the easier it will be to address your problems and return to feeling good!  (Go to under consumer information section for more on this topic.)