Where Can I Turn For Help?

Have you ever thought that you'd like help with your problem, but didn't know where to turn? You have a local resource in the Cleveland Psychological Association.
The Cleveland Psychological Association is a local organization of 200 psychologists in northeast Ohio committed to the profession of psychology and committed to making improvements in human welfare in the Cleveland community.

Many of these psychologists provide counseling & consulting services to children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, and organizations. These psychologists who practice in the Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs have expertise and experience working with many different types of people and resolving problem situations.

Finding a psychologist who might be right for you may be as easy as dialing 216.397.9229. All calls will be received by Angela Bailey at the Cleveland Psychological Association. All inquiries are confidential.

Ms. Bailey can provide you with the names of local psychologists who may be specifically qualified to help with your particular situation. Ms. Bailey can also help refer you to a male or female therapist or to psychologists in different parts of Cuyahoga county - if you have a preference.

Making that phone call might be difficult, but it might also change your life. Even though you might hesitate, take that most difficult first step and place the call. Things could get a lot easier for you. You owe it to yourself to get help and to feel better!

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