Membership Benefits

Membership in the Cleveland Psychological Association provides a wide range of benefits! These include:

  • Events promoting social responsibility
  • High quality and affordable continuing education events
  • Individualized local mentorship opportunities
  • Information and referral services
  • Learning from a wide range of psychologists in the community
  • Opportunities for networking and peer support
  • Opportunity to present on a topic of specialty to local practitioners
  • Representation at community events
  • Representation to the Ohio Psychological Association


As a board, we want to share some of our favorite aspects of being part of CPA:

“I have found our membership to be characterized by friendliness, generosity, humor, openness, and wisdom. I am grateful for the opportunities to connect in-person with local mentors and peers. As an early career psychologist, the opportunity to learn from seasoned clinicians in diverse areas of practice is a true benefit. They have been invaluable connections as I have made education, career, and leadership decisions.”

Brittany Sommers, PhD, Membership Chair

“My favorite benefit of being a CPA member is having the opportunity to work closely with the boards of CPA and OPA in order to actively participate in issues important to psychologists and our clients on the local, state and national level.”

– Cathy Gaw, PsyD, OPA Representative

“The combination of collegial support, continuing education, networking and service to the community that our organization provides.”

– Eric Berko, PhD, Past-President

“So many times working in the field it can feel like a solitary experience. I have appreciated the chance to get a better know the community of psychologists in the area, not just the wonderful work they are doing but the compassion and support offered for one another.”

– Jason Friedman, PsyD, Social Responsibility Chair

“Very quickly I feel as though my professional network grew and I began to look forward to the CEUs because I knew a good number of people there. I look forward both to the CEU programs and the board meetings.”

– Jenny Walinsky, PhD, Secretary

The wide range of programs delivered by experts in their fields has allowed me to gain knowledge I didn’t know I needed!  In just two hours, we may not become proficient in treating these problems, but we learn how to manage them, whom to consult for advice, and how to refer to someone who has the expertise needed. These high-quality programs and the warm and professional contacts with others are what have kept me coming back for the 15 years I have been involved.”

- Nancy Duff-Boehm, PhD, Communications Chair

We encourage you to consider joining or renewing your membership today! If you have questions about membership, please feel free to reach out. For those of you who are CPA members, we would love to hear your favorite aspects of being part of CPA. So, feel free to comment below!

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