Ohio Psychological Association Update

  1. Past OPA president, Dr. Sandy Shullman, is APA's President-elect!!
  2. This year the Ohio Psychology Licensing Board will be conducting the 5 year review of all rules. If you are interested in becoming a member of the work group tasked with reviewing the rules, please contact Dr. Ron Ross, Director of the Ohio Board of Psychology, at 877-779-7446.
  3. Mark Your Calendars for OPA Legislative Day-Wednesday, September 18, 2019!
  4. If you have expertise in the area of ethics of psychology and are interested in applying for a position on the OPA Ethics Committee, please contact Michael Ranney, Executive Director of OPA (
  5. OPA Board meeting comes to Cleveland! Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Cleveland State University 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  6. APA is planning a pilot program to give basic Opioid 101 training to psychologists, facilitated through grant funding. OPA is going to be part of the pilot of this program.
  7. OPA sends delegation to APA's Practice Leadership Conference March 9-12, 2019 Programming at this conference included: discussion of technology and apps, review of legislative issues in all states, information about disaster response networks, issues related to advocacy and preparing issues to bring to Ohio congress members in face-to face meetings. The issues discussed with Federal Congress members from Ohio included:
  • Pass the Medicare Mental Health Access Act H.R. 884 to end unnecessary physician supervision of psychologists in select treatment settings. Also seeking co-sponsors.
  • Pass the Mental Health Telemedicine Expansion Act H.R. 1301 and seeking cosponsors.
  • Strongly advise Congress to protect coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment.
  • Request that the Department of Education do a better job of protecting students impacted by the closing of Argosy schools (1,200 doctoral students). Affected students can contact APA at:
  • OPA's chosen social justice issues was to discuss OPA's position on the taking of immigrant children from their families.


APA PAC dinner honored Rep. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana - OPA sponsored 2 delegation reps at this dinner.

Congratulations to Dr. David Hayes as Federal Advocacy Coordinator of the year for his 30 years of advocacy work with OPA/APA.

  1. APA is seeking comments of the Draft of the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice for People with Low-income and Economic Marginalization, due April 23, 2019.
  2. Attention OPA members who are also APA members: The next step of the APA governing structure transformation involves the discontinuation of APA's CAPP (Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice) in June 2019. The APA Practice Organization will be replaced by APA Services, Inc. at this same time.
  3. Because of these changes, it is not clear how well APA will communicate and work with state psychological organizations. Thus, APA's Division 31, Division of State, Provincial and Territorial Affairs will be the sole group that is dedicated to the function of communicating between division 31 members as well as between the state, territorial and provincial psychological associations and APA. If you are not already a Division 31 member, please consider joining this important division!
  4. Lastly, a past CPA president, Dr. Kathy Ashton, has been nominated to be the Chair of Division 31. Your membership in this division will allow you to vote for the upcoming Chair position.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Gaw, Psy.D. OPA Representative

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