Outstanding Early Career Psychologist

2017 Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award

(Below is Dr. April Sobieralski’s introduction to Dr. Erin Cooper from CPA’s 2017 Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award ceremony)

I am pleased to introduce Dr. Erin Cooper as the recipient of the Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award. I met Erin when I was completing my post-doctoral fellowship and she was a practicum student in 2012. Even then in our training, I was always impressed with Erin’s clinical intuition, professional demeanor, and ability to connect to clients. This year, in addition to being a new mom, Erin started her own practice, Westside Behavioral Health. In just 6 months, Erin has a full caseload and has brought on another therapist. Erin demonstrates ambition, dedication, and business intuition. Erin is a Health Service Psychologist, credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.  Prior to starting her practice, Erin provided assessment and supervision services in addition to individual, adult, couple, and group therapy at Levine, Risen, and Associates. Erin completed her internship training at Coleman Professional Services and Summit Psychological Services. She has had training at the VA Medical Center at the Mental Illness, Research, and Education and Clinical Center. Erin was an interviewer/rater for the DSM-5 field trial for hypersexual disorder. She also participated in training at the Temple University Psychological Services Center.

Erin authored several peer-reviewed publications including:

  • Levine, S. B., Sheridan, D. L., & Cooper, E. B. (2016). The Quest for a Prosexual Medication for Women. Current Sexual Health Reports, 8(3), 129-135.

  • Wilt, J. A., Cooper, E. B., Grubbs, J. B., Exline, J. J., & Pargament, K. I. (2016). Associations of perceived addiction to internet pornography with religious/spiritual and psychological functioning. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 23(2-3), 260-278.

  • Cooper, E. B., McBride, J., & Levine, S. (2016). Does flibanserin have a future. Psychiatric Times, 33, 28A-28F.

  • Cooper, E. B., Fenigstein, A., & Fauber, R. L. (2014). The faking orgasm scale for women: Psychometric properties. Archives of sexual behavior, 43(3), 423-435.

  • Reid, R. C., Carpenter, B. N., Hook, J. N., Garos, S., Manning, J. C., Gilliland, R., Cooper, E. B., McKittrick, H., Davtian, M. and Fong, T. (2012), Report of Findings in a DSM-5 Field Trial for Hypersexual Disorder. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 9: 2868–2877. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2012.02936.x

  • Reid, R. C., Cooper, E. B., Prause, N., Li, D. S., & Fong, T. W. (2012). Facets of perfectionism in a sample of hypersexual patients. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 200(11), 990-995.

  • Robb, A. S., Lee, R. H., Cooper, E. B., Siedel, J. V., & Nusrat, N. (2008). Glycopyrrolate for treatment of clozapine-induced sialorrhea in three adolescents. Journal of child and adolescent psychopharmacology, 18(1), 99-107.

Erin has done 26 presentations. She wrote an article in the huffington post, “I’ll have what she’s having”. She has also written four articles for the Veteran’s Empowerment Center Voice Newsletter. Erin’s research has been cited in numerous media outlets.

Erin has also won numerous awards. In 2016, Erin won the Society for Sex Therapy & Research Conceptual/Original Poster Award and the Society for Sex Therapy & Research Voter’s Choice Poster Award. In 2014, Erin was awarded the National Psychologist Trainee Register Credentialing Scholarship. She was awarded the American Psychological Association Travel Award and the Temple University Culture of Service Research Award in 2012. In 2011, erin received the Carol Williams-Nickelson award for leadership and scholarship in women’s issues. Erin was awarded the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Student Ambassador and Center for Advancing Longitudinal Drug Abuse Research Summer Institute Investigator Travel Award. In 2009, erin received the Temple University College of Liberal Arts Travel Award.

Personally, Erin is warm, kind, and has a fantastic sense of humor. Whenever she and I have a chance to catch up, she attends to the conversation genuinely and with enthusiasm. She is a vibrant, intelligent, and committed psychologist and an integral part of our psychology community. Erin is incredibly deserving of this award and I am honored to be able to speak about someone I respect so greatly. Congratulations, Erin!