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Message from the Editor

I am honored and pleased to introduce you to Cleveland Psychological Association’s recipient of the Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award, Dr. Brittany Sommers.

Dr. Sommers has the exquisite ability to leave things better than she finds them. After earning her BA Summa Cum Laude from Huntington University, she did her M.S. and Ph.D. work at Andrews University. As a result of her and a small group of other students’ efforts, the Andrews Counseling Psychology doctoral program earned its APA accreditation while she was there.

She excelled at her internship at Cleveland State University, and while she was there, she became active in both the Ohio Psychological Association and the Cleveland Psychological Association. Here at CPA, she quickly became the Chair of the Membership Committee and has generated many ideas on how to make the organization appealing recent to graduates as it continues to be meaningful for our loyal membership.  As a result, our organization continues to thrive and grow. In addition to the networking events she has arranged, she has also resurrected our mentorship program, which is again robust.

At OPA, she started on the Early Career Psychologist Committee; within 7 months, she had become Chair of that committee and had been accepted into the OPA’s Leadership Development Academy. Her project at the Academy was to develop a mentoring toolkit to be used by regional and state associations; CPA has been the successful pilot site.

She continues to do clinical work at her post-licensure training site and at the Cleveland State University Counseling Center.

Dr. Sommers is a person who respects and understands the essential contributions our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, lifestyles and cultural experiences bring to our relationships and collaborations. She is welcoming and accessible as well as efficient and effective.  We look forward to her continued participation in psychology and our associations, knowing we will be the better for it.  Please join me in congratulating Dr. Brittany Sommers, CPA’s 2019 Outstanding Early Career Psychologist.

Cathy Gaw, Psy.D.

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