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Book Review

by April Sobieralski, Psy. D. President of CPA

Free Yourself from OCD, by Dr. Jonah Lakin, is a valuable resource for individuals who want to take the reins with their OCD symptoms. The first part of the book introduces science, theory, and rationale around OCD and the treatment of it. Dr. Lakin uses easy-to-understand descriptions and thorough examples to clarify. I found it useful and motivating to have a conceptualization of OCD before jumping into the interventions. In the second part of the book, Dr. Lakin outlines several strategies to target obsessions and compulsions. Utilizing exposure in various ways, readers learn to face painful or scary thoughts, tolerate the distress, and resist behaviors that would reduce anxiety in the short-term, but prolong OCD in the long-term. The step-by-step instructions come with helpful examples to use as a reference for creating individual plans. I love how the book addresses commitment throughout, as these strategies may be difficult to do independently. This book would be a great accompaniment to individual therapy for someone who could benefit from therapist accountability. Free Yourself from OCD would also be very useful for someone who has barriers to accessing mental health treatment. A reader who whole-heartedly dives in to some of the interventions is highly likely to find a measure of relief from symptoms. I will be recommending this to my colleagues and some of my clients as an adjunct to their care!


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