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Message from the Editor

I am delighted to introduce the recipient of CPA’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Jill Mushkat Conomy. I first crossed paths with Jill in 2010, when she was President of CPA, and she inspired me to become active on the Board as well. Before and after her term, she acted as the Ethics chair for our organization.  When consulted, she offered alternative perspectives on each situation presented to her and treated the matter thoughtfully, intelligently and kindly without causing the requestor to feel dumb or judged, a tricky matter in ethical consultations.

Dr. Mushkat Conomy’s professional career has focused mostly on pain management, in increasingly influential roles. After earning her B.A. and M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, she was awarded her Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Always active clinically with individuals, she quickly progressed to teaching psychology interns and medical students and has had academic appointments at Wright State, the Medical College of New York and Ohio State.

She has developed and managed pain treatment programs in Columbus, OH, Valhala NY, Lexington KY, Louisville KY, Detroit, and finally here at the Cleveland Clinic since 1996. She was Director of the CCF Regional Pain Management Centers from 2003 through 2015. She has written many articles and book chapters throughout these years. She is in high demand internationally as a speaker on the topic of pain management and programming and on public policy affecting delivery of health care. She has presented papers in Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Azerbaijan, London, Sydney Australia, Paris, and Hamburg Germany, in addition to many cities across the United States.

We have all known Dr. Mushkat Conomy to be compassionate, intelligent, accessible, helpful, thoughtful and kind. About 10 years ago another dimension emerged: Jill became playful and adventurous with an easy smile and quick sense of humor. This evolution of her personal style came coincidentally as she and Dr. Jack Conomy (Neuropsychiatrist and Attorney) spent increasing amounts of time together. Jack and Jill lit up rooms as they entered, making it impossible not to smile along with them. They wed and became partners in work and play, as they crisscrossed the globe speaking at major professional meetings for the past 10 years. Jack passed away this past summer, and Jill has carried on, building and evolving through the next phase of her life. We continue to appreciate her contributions to the field as she continues to enrich the lives of the those she touches.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Mushkat Conomy, the recipient of CPA’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, on her long, fruitful and continuing career.

Nancy Duff-Boehm, Ph.D.

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